We thrive
on diversity.
Let’s be who
we are.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are as much a part of our company as
our patient focus and scientific curiosity are. We aspire to a sense of
belonging for every SpringWorker.

Flourish in an environment that encourages you to be yourself

Caring hard for people living with the uncertainty of devastating diseases and limited treatment options puts a spotlight on the impact of marginalization and the importance of representation. At SpringWorks, we empower everyone to bring their unique perspectives, skills, and experiences to work. This allows us to take creative approaches to complex challenges and focus on what matters most: developing and delivering breakthrough treatments for people living with devastating diseases.

We don’t let egos or bias stand in our way

We believe that leveraging diverse backgrounds and perspectives fosters innovation. People at SpringWorks are encouraged to express their views because we know that an inclusive culture where opinions are valued leads to high-performing teams. Hear from people who live this culture and make it happen.

Daniel Pichl (he/him), Chief People Officer, talks about our commitment to an inclusive culture.


Kathryn Thornton (she/her), Sample Operations Manager, shares her experiences in building authentic connections at SpringWorks.


Manish Sethi (he/him), Product Development Senior Manager, talks about the power of diversity and how it is incorporated into how we work.


A great place to
work – and striving
to be even better

Being certified as a Great Place to Work wasn’t our goal when we set out; creating a company rich with purpose was. The recognition simply reinforced our approach. Yet, because “good enough is never enough,” we continually recommit to building a culture people are proud to be a part of, so they are willing to go the extra mile and look forward to coming to work.

Be inspired every day. We are.

Uniting our passions

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) connect people with common interests, experiences, or backgrounds to share ideas, create community, learn from each other, and grow both personally and professionally. Their emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion reflects the values we believe in and model every day.

Women+ Initiative Network’s (WIN) vision is to build a workplace where women are supported and empowered. WIN also provides professional development opportunities that drive business objectives and diversify the goals of SpringWorks.

Multicultural Inclusion Experience’s (MIX) goal is to cultivate a strong community that embraces diversity and celebrates individuality. They look to showcase the unique life experience that each SpringWorker brings to the community.

OUT SWTX+’s vision is to create an LGBTQ+-inclusive community that fosters acceptance of all our colleagues and encourages a non-biased, non-judgmental workplace. They seek to accomplish this by cultivating a culture of allyship and raising awareness and understanding about LGBTQ+ identities and lived experiences through education.

Thrive aspires to create a sustainable workplace that integrates mental and physical well-being. They provide strategies across a range of wellness dimensions to enable every SpringWorker to be the best version of themselves.

Our values have no boundaries

At SpringWorks, we partner with organizations that make positive changes and are looking to work with groups that share a common mission with our ERGs. For example, our WIN ERG supports the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association to provide professional development and networking opportunities and our MIX ERG works with Biopharma Leaders of Color (BLOC).

Let’s wage science. Together.

We believe in the relentless drive of people who feel welcome and valued. Together, we will unlock the power of targeted oncology to help those who need it. Join us.