Leadership & Board

Let’s pair groundbreaking science with relentless drive.
Let’s get this done.

People with cancer can’t wait for answers. Neither can our leadership team. This cadre of scientists and business leaders injects our company with undeniable energy and brings their deep experience to create new paths to cancer breakthroughs.


Saqib Islam
Chief Executive Officer
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Badreddin Edris, Ph.D.
Chief Operating Officer
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James Cassidy, M.D., Ph.D.
Chief Medical Officer
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L. Mary Smith, Ph.D.
Chief Development Officer
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Tai-An Lin, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer
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Francis I. Perier, Jr.
Chief Financial Officer
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Bhavesh Ashar
Chief Commercial Officer
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Daniel Pichl
Chief People Officer
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Herschel S. Weinstein, J.D.
General Counsel and Secretary
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Kristin Patterson, Ph.D.
Chief Technical Operations Officer
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Board of Directors

Saqib Islam
Chief Executive Officer
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Carlos Albán
Former Vice Chairman and Chief Commercial Officer, AbbVie, Inc.
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Alan Fuhrman
Former Chief Financial Officer, Amplyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc
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Julie Hambleton, M.D.
Former Chief Medical Officer of IDEAYA Biosciences and Five Prime Therapeutics
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Freda Lewis-Hall, M.D., DFAPA
Former Chief Medical Officer, Pfizer
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Daniel S. Lynch
Chairman, SpringWorks Board of Directors
Executive Venture Partner, GV
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